Have a few Questions before you make your purchase? We’ve answered a few common questions here but if you don’t find your answer feel free to contact us directly.


How do I submit my words and/or Photo?

if you have a list of words ready when your checking out.. just paste it in the notes section. You can also email kristy@redbarncanvas.com with your word and photos.

Will this photo work?

In order for your photo canvas to look stunning and beautiful.. it starts with a high resolution photo.  This means the size of your photo file should be 1 mb or larger (300 DPI)

I have an old or small /ow resolution photo – can I still order?   

if you found an old family photo and want to use it – have no fear. contact me directly and we should be able to walk you through a few steps or create a custom design built around it

How long before I see a proof?

Our average wait on proofs is 3-6 business days.

How long does it take to get a canvas designed/delivered?

Our usual turnaround for CUSTOM designed canvases is about 2 weeks (1 week for design + 1 week to produce and ship).  This changes based on our work load, holidays, etc.  The design process may take longer if there are several changes back and forth.

Do you sell to retailers/wholesale?

Yes. Contact us directly for more info/price sheet

I have an idea but not sure how to communicate that in an email?

No problem.  We happily offer FREE design consultations.  Just follow the contact page and we will set up a phone call to review your ideas and our capabilities

What if I don’t like the design?

Well. that never happens.. but if it does – no worries, we will keep working on it until you love it – we do not limit the amount of changes

How do I choose a color?

We have narrowed down our favorites and put them on a color chart. but if you are trying to match a specific color – just send us a photo/image of it and we can digitally match it.

Do you offer returns/refunds?

No. all of our products are made custom for you so returns/refunds are not available. with that in mind.. if you receive your canvas damaged in any way – we want to know and will work on getting a replacement to you asap